An auto-responder is a predefined e-mail message, that is sent automatically as a reply to every e-mail received in a mailbox with this feature activated. Two of the most typical instances for employing this function are automated emails that one is temporarily away from the office or that an order has been received successfully. An auto-responder can also be used as a general verification that an email is delivered successfully, which is often something rather important in enterprise e-mail correspondence. The message that's sent can contain pretty much anything and could be changed according to the situations and what the auto-responder will be employed for. As the option is activated server-side, there isn’t anything you have to do manually and you do not need an email program to be enabled constantly for an automatic reply to be sent to the individual sending you an e-mail.
Auto-responder Emails in Shared Hosting
If you host your domains in a shared hosting account with our company, you will be able to set up an auto-responder e-mail for any of the emails you create in the account. You are able to view all of the mailboxes listed alphabetically inside your Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to enable the function is either to click the auto-responder button for any email address or to right-click on that mailbox and to choose the option from the context menu. A box will show up on screen and you will need to write the needed message and save it, so configuring an auto-responder takes literally only two mouse clicks. In the exact same way you can furthermore delete or edit a current text message. Hepsia makes it easy even to configure an auto-responder for multiple mailboxes at the same time, that can save you precious time assuming that multiple people are using e-mails that you have created to take time off, for example.